Why Rugmy ?

 Professionalism speaks for it self

 we relentlessly quest for Client satisfaction without overselling any service which makes us grow the relationship and business together.

 Our clients come from different sectors that exposed us to more knowledge to develop multifaceted services to the customers utmost


 What we Offer

Mobile Applications & Website Development

Passion ignites us, we strive to deliver ingenious functionality within an aesthetic framework in a timely manner without re-inventing the wheel.

Our complete package provides our clients with mobile applications that combine high quality functionality,

 allowing businesses in any sector to own their solid mobile apps.

 Digital Transformation    

Figures suggest that 40% of the businesses will die within the next 10 years!

If anything, this should be any business owner’s wake-up call.

5D Mena will guide you to identify the gaps in your business and invest in the best technology that fits the purpose.

Our solutions are the outcome of a systematic deep-rooted Business analysis approach process, led by our experts that know the Channels to strengthen your business’s performance, maintain up to date improvements to your Hardware & software if needed yet maintain cost effectiveness. It’s what we pride ourselves for, Optimum utilization of our Client resources that fits their need, “Value Engineering Service”.

 ERP, Process automation & Al

Our experience in developing mega applications enables it to give our client the best and implementing the best ERP, Process Automation, and AI experience using the latest tools and methodologies, to bring you the utmost efficiency and cost benefits.
Our team has the knowledge and fortitude you need to transform your business into a highly agile one with a sharp edge over the competition.